R&B Divas: LA Gives a Fierce Dose of Reality and Entertainment for Season One Sizzle

 Diva’s LA first season launched with a great opening episode.  It started off different than the Atlanta season to my surprise with all the diva’s working on their own individual projects along with working together, uplifting one another and most importantly, getting along.  I thought ok this is going to be a much different cast of ladies than the Atlanta season.  “Positive vibes, positive vibes.”  Well that changed mid-way through the season as rivalry, jealousy and intimidation began to show between the ladies.  Break-out divas of the L.A. season Lil’ Mo and Kelly Price were key in the fall-out that soon began to unravel.

Lil’ Mo talks to AfterBuzz TV and gives us some information on the perception of R&B divas and the friendships:  “[Perception] People think of R&B Divas and they just say, oh its going to be six singing broads, who just sing all day; I think we sung a total of three times.  “[Friendships] I can’t fake my feelings unless I have a script…But for this show, I never in a million years would’ve of thought that I wouldn’t of never spoken to those two ever again in life, and that’s a decision I made.  I don’t trust friendships like that.  Where you can come in and think, or are trying to sabotage the show…you almost got us shelved because you couldn’t control the situation” says Lil’ Mo.

To find out more, check out the interview with AfterBuzz TV below:

AfterBuzz TV Interview – Lil Mo’

Kelly gives us insight to how the series  sprung forth and how she tried her best to work with production:  “[Development] It started for me really three years ago, Nicci Gilbert conceptualized the show, put it down on paper and when she wrote the original synopsis my name was in it.”  “[Production] We did have conversations with each other because everybody was concerned about having the wrong look among us on camera.  And those are the conversations we had with each other.  We actually sat and made an agreement with each other that if there saying that they need more drama;  Let’s figure out the kind of drama that we want to give them so that we remain in control of it, and this train doesn’t go off track.”

Check out the full interview with AfterBuzz TV below:

AfterBuzz TV  Interview – Kelly Price

I begin to ask myself, “why is it that we women just can’t get along?  Is it part of our DNA, or the makeup of society’s expectations, is it chasing the dollar bills or as Lil’ Mo puts it the ‘wizards’ the producers behind these reality shows?

DNA – If it is true that it is part of our DNA – when did expressing your emotions make you vulnerable and losing control make you less than?  Why agree to be a part of something if you know you don’t have the time and are committed to other projects? Are we that consumed with ourselves that we must say “YES” to everything, even when it sets us up to fail?

Society Expectations – Why can’t ladies work together without some cattiness and support one another instead of tearing each other down?  Why do allow our emotions to get the best of us?

They all were supportive of the others individual projects because they had the control and the power of the direction of their life’s vision but this was not their vision or story to tell but one that has been manufactured for T.V. which brought out some real, human emotions.  These emotions and how we in turn deal with them is what makes society’s expectations of women so judgemental.

Dolla’ Dollar Bill – At what point do you not care about your integrity and morals in order to be more successful and more interesting to the viewing audience?  Do you think they will love you more or will it put more money in your pocket, making you more relevant than just a hit single playing on the radio?  You throw all that out the window and are concerned about extending your fifteen minutes of fame exposing yourself to not only your hard core fan base but a new audience of people and with new opportunities to make that dolla’ dollar bill with the advance technology of social media – are the dollars worth it?

Wizards ‘Producers’ – Why do celebrities and others agree to be part of a television show that allows the producers to create their own drama for entertainment purposes or a rating?  They are told to stir up the pot, make it more exciting, no fighting but conflict is acceptable, we need good T.V. – but where do you draw the line? I like what Diva’s LA purports to do-present a unified front of women-black women- with somewhat the same plight i.e. singing in the music industry and navigating through the trial and tribulations of being in the entertainment indusstry which is inextricably connected to their everyday lives. The women are definitely candid-how else can you be on a reality show? Modesty is an outdated mode of operating when it come to the reality series formula. But them women handle it well. Well… albeit the looming threat of Timbos, Vaseline and a straight razor…

Stay tuned for more from the R&B Divas L.A. Season 2 coming soon to TV One.

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Author – Tenaye

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