9b2c4b44fb86522964124ed80d03c5e8Several characteristics separate public relations from advertising but one fundamental difference is this: Advertising is paid -public relations is free. When you run an advertisement for your company, you pay for the space but when your press release prompts a news paper to write an article about your company, you don’t pay for that coverage. This is not to say that your actual contract you have with a fine publicist will be free of charge yet the goals of the campaign he or she enacts for you as a cliet will entail getting you free piblicity and bring awareness to your brand. This can be done with the media contacts that have been developed and a killer press release that just screams for attention from the first headline. It’s possible and PR practitioners make this happen everyday. Be selective when choosing your publicist-interview him or her to make sure the fit is right and most importantly make sure you are getting your money’s worth. As you and your publicist create a reltionship that works toward this free publicity remember no PR efforts come to fruitiion over night. So sit tight and watch the wheels spin (pun intended). And let the influencers talk about you the way influencers do!